Thursday, September 29, 2011

Young The Giant

This is the first song in quite awhile I heard on the radio without a clue as to who it was, not even a guess, and had to frantically search the wfnx website for its playlist - though I was too late in checking, and the time it had played had already expired.  I waited and waited until i heard it on the radio again (days later), then ran to the computer (at work!) and found it, though when I came back to the line the DJ announced it.  So happy to have found it!   Digging it!

On further exploration, I came across another single of theirs, "Cough Syrup", and recognised the video, somehow.  When do I ever watch videos anymore?  And yet, here it was, a video I had seen before.  Doesn't hook me as much as "My Body", but still like it ok.

Perhaps I ought to check the whole album?