Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama, Obama

A friend at work brought in this song, a parody - though, no, not really a parody so much as a takeoff, a new spin on it, of A Milli by 'Lil Wayne. Certainly some familiarity with this song will help in your appreciation of the "remake", titled "Obama, Obama," but it not essential to your enjoyment of it. He rewrites the song to make it all about Obama, taking care to rap in the same style as 'Lil Wayne, though his lyrics are a bit more... thoughtful, perhaps - though it is not without the usual hip hop crassness.

Click here for the "Obama, Obama" song on YouTube.

Here's the link to the original on YouTube, A Milli.

Obama, Obama creator(A.P.T.) page and info. It tells you about his creative process, the thought that went into the lyrics and music, the actual lyrics, should you be unable to make them all out yourself. It's good stuff.

I’d rather eat a field mouse
Than to see John McCain in the White House,

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